we witnessed the magic of including creative diy activities at the special olympics world games held in abu dhabi this year, fostering authentic connection and providing some chilled out time between the festivities. people were pretty happy with their creations they get to take home as a meaningful souvenir of their time in the capital city.

the terrarium station, where people created their own little plant world in a jar
a world games terrarium project

the atmosphere of the games was positive, joyful and kind. around our string art station tables, people from all over the world met each other: athletes with inspiring stories, coaches with hearts of gold, proud family members and caring volunteers. that’s the beauty of taking some chilled out time at a busy event. sitting down and making side by side creates the space needed for human connection.

the string art station
string art projects

the string art wall mural was a beautiful work of community art. there was only one rule, to leave the words blank. the rest was up to the participants. it served as an interactive art installation, which encouraged participation. gone are the days of static art you can’t touch! everyone watched as the art took shape and changed day to day, and the mural became a backdrop for team photo shoots, media spots, and so much Instagramming!

over 2,000 people strung up 5,000 meters of string on the wall throughout the 8-day event
the blank beginning
at the end of day 8, all strung up

we are happy to discuss incorporating diy into your next event! contact us here. xx

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April 4, 2019

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