we are a creative arts company with a mission to make it easy for people of all ages to be creative in their everyday life and during special occasions, through modern and inventive diy event activities, teambuilding experiences, workshops, diy kits and online tutorials.

scientifically, creativity and happiness are linked.  creative diy art projects lower stress levels, improve wellbeing and bring families, friends, colleagues and strangers closer together.  they provide meaningful experiences for tourists, students and customers alike, along with a unique and engaging marketing opportunity for businesses looking to do something fresh!

our tag line is ‘make your own happy’ because we empower people to activate their creativity.  our clients discover an intrinsic ability to make their own completely personalized products themselves in a satisfying creative process that produces a fun combination of a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, mindfulness and joy.

our staff

we work with a diverse group of certified teachers and trainers, moms, diy enthusiasts and creative professionals, offering our time to help people to be more fulfilled and happier.  in the past year, we’ve led 50 creative diy workshops & professional teambuilding experiences and provided over 1,500 diy projects at high-profile events in the region.