diy allows for the creation of a bespoke item exactly suited for your staff, customers or whoever you’re interested in engaging in a creative experience.

a completely personalized experience provides an item that will be more valued  because it is the product of his/her own work!  now that’s an interesting marketing space to be in, no?

the diy concept can be applied across many facets of your business, and we’re just the people to help develop a truly unique concept and experience!


event diy activity

at your next event, offer a truly engaging activity that appeals across cultures, ages and backgrounds!  check out the possibilities on our events page.


teambuilding workshops

art projects are proven to lower stress levels, improve well being and bring colleagues closer together in a relaxed, natural manner.  check out our page on teambuilding workshops for more information!


product launches or pr events

a diy station can add some unique fun to your launch, where visitors can get involved in the creation process.  this experience naturally builds more engagement at your launch, which leads to more genuine buy-in and production of interesting content for your and your attendees’ social media channels!


giveaways and gifts

our maker diy kits contain everything needed to make a creative project from the comfort of your own home.  it is completely customizable for your gift or giveaway needs, including project personalization according to your line of business and inclusion of branded materials (for example, a metal tag of your logo affixed to our string art wood)!


if you are looking for unique finished products, we also create handmade items right here in dubai that are pretty adorable, if we do say so ourselves.  check out all of the possibilities on our retail page.


bespoke decor

we also create unique handmade pieces to decorate your office space, from smaller string art logo pieces to large, statement art installations like tassel wall hangings.  check out more of our bespoke creations here.

a custom tassel wall hanging we did for retold boutique