creativity made easy with our diy kits!

hard-to-find crafty materials for a personalized DIY project are delivered right to your doorstep, so you can have a relaxing creative experience!

rainbow diy kit

a rainbow wall hanging makes the perfect piece of home décor handmade with love.  with luxurious materials and a modern color palette, a rainbow can adorn any wall in your house! 

string art diy kit

string art can be a stress-relieving new hobby for the fam or a fun alternative for a ladies night-in, smashing any creative boredom you may encounter!

flower crown diy kit

this kit provides everything you need to make flower crowns as a group. flexible green floral wire is the base for you to attach greenery and flowers using green floral tape and extra floral wire.

macrame earrings diy kit

this happy-making kit comes with everything you need to make 4 sets of beautiful macrame earrings!

this kit is coming soon!