flower crowns are a lovely way to express your creativity and make something beautiful that you can wear!

they are especially wonderful for special occasions like bridal or baby showers and for hen/bachelorette parties. the crowns will be a memorable part of the day and create super Insta-friendly photo moments.

this kit provides everything you need to make flower crowns as a group. flexible green floral wire is the base for you to attach greenery and flowers using green floral tape and extra floral wire.

boxed kit contents:
– greenery, either fresh or faux, with an option for pre-made greenery crowns
– flowers, either fresh or faux, according to your color palette request
– floral tape
– floral wire
– floral scissors
– mini wire cutters
– instruction sheet

time: depending on how many flowers you add, this process can take 10 to 30 minutes

what customers are saying:
“the bride-to-be was delighted when we surprised her with the kit!”
“we loved making the crowns today!! such a great activity. everyone was staring at us. i think they were jealous! thank you!”

you can check us out unboxing a flower crown kit on our youtube channel!

to purchase this kit, contact us or visit our saffron souk page.

please feel free to get in touch with questions or custom requests.  happy making!