scientifically, creativity and happiness are linked.

art projects are proven to lower stress levels, improve well being and bring colleagues closer together in a relaxed, natural manner. 

teambuilding diy workshops provide meaningful experiences for your staff, and with a bit of planning, they can also personalize your office decor with a symbol of your teamwork!  win-win!

below are just a couple ideas to inspire you in thinking about how your team could flex their creativity and have some good laughs.

woven wall tapestry: each team member creates their own woven circle mat, and all projects are sewn together into a woven tapestry to decorate your office. added challenge: coordinate with each other for color scheme or materials theme.

macrame plant hangers: macrame is trending again (holler at us, 70s mom!), and what office doesn’t need a bit of greenery?  your staff can learn a new skill, and your plants can hang in designer threads rather than the plastic #noname pots they came with.  #winning

check out a video of the teambuilding evening we did with blossom nursery and babilou nursery shortly after their merger as a creative ice breaker for their teams!