we are big, big, like really big fans of plants over here.  not only do they look beautiful and add fresh feels to any space, they also help to purify air naturally.  this is a kind of a big deal in dubai, where we run air con round the clock and often can’t really get fresh air, even from an open window (hello, dusty days!).

macramé plant hangers are a fresh way to display your vined plants and  fill those cavernous high-ceilinged apartment boxes or your outdoor space with a more boho chic vibes.

we always first and foremost encourage people to try and make their own hangers through our regular macramé workshops.

we also love to make larger custom orders in house too.

check out how we helped slab in la mer display 40 fern plants (be still our green hearts), filling their windows and transforming the entire atmosphere of their minimalist decor while keeping it sleek and modern.

not only is the restaurant gorgeous, the food is also delish and changes seasonally.  try the kale salad, trust us.  check them and our hangers when you get a chance!

interested in macrame hangers yourself?  we have several macrame workshops coming up soon.  check out our upcoming community workshops!

don’t want to do the dirty work?  drop us a line here, and we’ll dream up something just as uniquely beautiful to fit your specs.