turquoise went green for a product launch in dubai recently, bringing our little plant buddies along to a bright corner of nadi al quoz in al serkal avenue.

options for containers included gold geometric designs, fishbowls, angled glass and jars.

the creativity expressed at these events is so beautiful to see!

our role is to scour the land for the best materials (with a lot of variety too!) and provide a bit of guidance so that people can make things they didn’t know were possible. it’s always a magical experience to witness!

we offer a lot of options to fit your event needs and budget. plus, this activity can be completed in less than 30 minutes, so seating is not required.

it’s a great diy project for mixed events, as terrariums are gender neutral. plus, succulents and cacti are relatively easy to care for. we always bring along a sheet (that we can add your branding onto) so that your attendees can know how to care for their new plant babies in our climate.

we are happy to discuss your next event and how a terrarium may fit in! feel free to email us from our contact page.