At work, creativity is a key component of an engaging and productive work culture. Empowering staff to actively participate in creative processes has many benefits: fostering a positive and inclusive work environment with high levels of wellbeing, encouraging innovation and knowledge sharing and inspiring fresh perspectives.

When your work environment empowers curiosity, having an open mind, inspiration, experimentation and risk-taking, staff will develop services and solutions that can reshape your organization and distinguish your company from competitors. 

DIY Dreamcatcher Workshop

Building in “brain space” through our DIY experiences at work not only encourages creativity, it also gives teams a deeper sense of engagement, which often leads to great results in productivity, innovation and even happiness.

We have built in some creative space for several companies in the last few months, and we wanted to share two of these unique experiences with you.

Some of our clientele

TFest: Global Travel Industry Festival

This annual luxury travel event turns the typical trade show on its head, with a mission to make business joyful. The aim of the relaxed festival environment at Atlantis the Palm is to promote the formation of trusting relationships among hospitality and travel professionals, leading to sustained quality business opportunities.

We fit in perfectly, providing afternoon DIY sessions on the beach for Dreamcatchers, Tassel Hoop Earrings and Macrame Plant Hangers on each day of the event. These creative experiences provided another channel for organic and unscheduled connections among attendees. It’s not difficult to make new friends while joyfully creating something beautiful!

Client Feedback

“At first, I was skeptical about including creative workshops, but now we are putting dreamcatchers into every event going forward!” – Peter Gould, Chairman, TFest

Finished dreamcatchers as beach event decor

Marriott: Holiday Staff Party

We also hosted a Wreath Making DIY Station for the Marriott International staff to create some holiday decor in a fun and open-ended experience. In the festive and relaxed environment, our station stood out as an interactive and engaging part of the morning’s offerings. Staff members got lost in making some beautiful creations from our wide array of supplies.

Half of the Wreath Station Set-Up

Demand for the station exceeded the organizer’s expectations, as people jumped at the chance to flex their creativity muscle. Unfortunately as adults we rarely prioritize getting lost in our own productive imaginations for a half hour, but when the opportunity presents itself, the results are magical!

A busy DIY station!

People exuded joy and kept exclaiming how happy they were. It’s always a lovely thing to witness! At one point, most people were on our side of the event, highlighting the need for these types of brain breaks.

The icing on the cake is that all the participants took their creation home to enjoy for the rest of the season and to inspire joy in their office or home!

Client Feedback

“The wreath making was such a wonderful opportunity for associates to get involved and bring our their creativity!  The activity was the talk of the office not only for the rest of the day but also the following week!  Thank you!!” – Marriott International MEA

Would you like to engage your staff with creative experiences? Get in touch with us to explore the various options!

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