It’s the holidays, and we are here for the DIY decor and gifts!

Here is a simple project to try at home over the break. It’s great for all ages (as long as the little people aren’t inclined to eat the polymer clay!), as polymer clay is certified non toxic and easily bakes in the oven at home into a hardened plastic.

Supplies Needed

Here are the items that you need for this project and suggestions on where to purchase them in UAE.

Polymer clay: Find it at Creative Minds or online from Amazon. Sculpey III is seen as more brittle once baked, but I find it easier to work with for this project as it’s softer and more pliable (aka easier for hands to roll out and smush!)

Roller: Pictured here is an acrylic roller from US Amazon. However I have also used plastic rollers from Daiso that produce just as good results!

Cookie cutters in festive shapes: I found these cutters at a small craft shop in Abu Dhabi. I’ve also seen them at grocery stores and Daiso.

Waxed paper & Tape: Recommended to protect the surface you are working on, as some clay colors transfer very easily (the red is one that does so). Also the clay sometimes sticks to the table surface if it’s unprotected. You can also use a piece of tile to work on and bake if that’s accessible to you.

Straw or Toothpick


Ribbon or other material like twine to make hanger

Baking sheet

Step 1

After you’ve set up your station (either with waxed paper taped down on the sides or found an object to work on like a tile), roll your different colors into balls. Here I’m going with a very basic color scheme of two colors: red and white for a modern, vaguely Christmas-y feel. If you’re using a bright color like red, I recommend using about double the bright color amount for the white. That will create a more marbled look. It’s hard to see in the photo, but my white ball is about double the size of my red one.

You can use any amount of colors. I’ve also made this project with white, red, green and gold before.

Step 2

Using the base of your palm, roll out each color into a log shape about as wide as your waxed paper surface.

Step 3

Twist the logs around each other…looks like candy! But definitely not edible, friends! πŸ™‚

Step 4

Smush your twisted clay in a ball. It will look random now, but I promise they always turn out beautiful no matter what you do. That’s why this project works for all ages lol!

Step 5

Take your smushed ball and roll it out into an extra long log. Almost twice as long as the first time. If you are missing any colors in your log, keep rolling out, and the colors will eventually appear.

Step 6

Fold this long log in half and twist the two pieces around each other like before.

Step 7

Smush the twisted log again and you can start to see the marbleized pattern appearing!

Step 8

Use a roller to start rolling out your clay. Be sure to check both sides to see which has a nicer design to be your ornament’s “front”.

Here’s a shot of the thickness you can aim for. The clay bakes into a hard plastic, but you don’t want to go too thick or too thin.

Step 9

Arrange and press your cutters into the clay. You can also roll any leftovers into another ball and continue the cutting process until there is a very small amount of clay leftover. I even used this small leftover amount to create a little bead!

Step 10

Use a straw (or toothpick) to create a hole in the top of the clay.

Step 11

Arrange the shapes on a baking sheet and bake at 130 degrees C for about 14 minutes.

Step 12

Once your ornaments have baked and cooled down, cut ribbon to create a hanger. Fold the ribbon in half and send both ends through the BACK of your ornament. Reach through the bottom loop and pull the tails through to secure.

Step 13

Tie an overhand knot at the top of the ribbon, and your ornament is ready!

Video Tutorial

I’ve also made a video tutorial for this process!

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