love macrame or string art but don’t have the time to diy right now?  that’s ok–we have you covered with makers diy kits with everything you need to do the project at home when you have more time or beautious finished handmade products!


diy kits

items for diy projects can be hard to find anywhere in the world.  and when you do find it, or if you buy it online, there’s no guarantee that it’s quite exactly what you’re looking for.  we’ve done all the research and groundwork, gathered all the materials and have made it easy for you to do the fun, creative part.  click through to enjoy yourself!



yarn wall hangings, macrame, string art, it’s all here.  click through to see more information and purchase!




want something custom created for your space (personal or professional)?  have an idea for a unique handmade item, but don’t know where to start?  we can definitely help!  click here for more information and project samples.


gift certificates/vouchers

for special occasions, gift your crafty loved one with a creative experience!  it’s the gift that gives twice, both for a fun, relaxing experience AND a personalized, handmade item.  🙂