Creative DIY workshops are magical moments when time slows down, and you can lighten up.

Expressing yourself creatively and making a beautiful item by hand contributes to your overall wellbeing and happiness.  Busy hands make for quiet minds, and those hands just happen to be making your newest favorite piece of home decor, jewelry or whatever else you can imagine!

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Here are some of our most popular workshops.

Clay Dish and Jewelry

This is our most popular workshop! Working with polymer clay in a simple marbling technique, we make a trinket dish first to hone our clay skills and then put them to use in creating some fab earrings or pendants.

“Amazing instructor–Meredith is very patient. She had created lots of examples to copy or create your own. A wide range of resources to choose from! I have attended other classes run by Meredith which have all been amazing so would highly recommend–love all the different locations the classes are held at!” – Sandra M.

Macramé Wall Hanging

Macramé is the art of tying knots to create beautiful decorative items. Meditatively knot your way into relaxation and create your own wall hanging.

“Great instructor and class, had a great time.” Sofia F.


Originally an Indigenous craft, dreamcatchers catch the bad dreams and allow the good ones to pass through the web. Making your own gives it special meaning too!

“Great instructor and class. Will definitely book again, enjoyed every little detail of it.” Reem H.

Aromatherapy Perfume

This happy-making workshop has everyone on an essential oil high, and participants make their own personalized scent designed to have all-natural therapeutic effects.

We were the first company to provide this workshop in Dubai, hosting over 100 people since 2017!

“Beautifully organized workshop and great instructors with great knowledge of their craft.” Yasmin Y.

“Fun workshop! The workshop is well structured and the instructor explained everything very clearly. I would highly recommend.” Maha I.

Modern Embroidery

Like painting with a needle and thread, embroidery is a relaxing way to create. With modern designs, it’s not just for your grandma anymore!

“The experience was really reviving, as we awakened a creative part of our souls that was forgotten! We really enjoyed it!” Khulood, Private Embroidery Workshop client

Other Projects

Don’t see something that you are interested in? Check out our inspiration page for more of our 30 different DIY projects!

Interested to join us? Check out our upcoming workshops!